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New Different Thing

2013-07-11 00:52:26 by MisterBear

Made a sort of robot day post, a story cocreated with MrPastoolio. Mr. Carpenter's Ring, more about ai's rather than robots, but it kinda fits, and I have a new mic to test. Expect more stories soon.

Cleaning up

2013-04-07 19:07:17 by MisterBear

Unpublished quite a few things that I don't like anymore. If I go back and make them better, I might republish, or just resubmit. Working on replacing some of those older items, working on a Song of Storms now, and another project.

Back again

2012-10-15 20:20:41 by MisterBear

There you go.

2010-07-26 16:57:21 by MisterBear

Laziness did not prevail! /350768


2010-07-05 23:36:27 by MisterBear

Most of what I said and recorded was composed of crap and false promises, one relying on the other. Expect something eventually.

Something New, Almost

2010-05-28 12:40:04 by MisterBear

Just about ready to get a completely new composition up, but still considering posting both the rough draft and final or just making everyone wait, who knows, it'll happen eventually.

Almost There

2010-05-20 22:08:24 by MisterBear

Final version of Cave Story medley coming together. Slightly darker, more strings, much better. I still need comments on the original before I post, so....